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Florida Properties
by Olga Grant 

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+1 (561) 479 9779


Find your Dream Home 

Start Navigating the South Florida Real Estate market with Grant Realty 

Opening Doors to New Opportunities 

At Grant Realty we understand that the abundance of property options in South Florida can make the real estate journey seem daunting. This is where our expertise comes into play.

With over a decade of experience in navigating the intricate South Florida real estate market, Olga has honed her skills in identifying the perfect match for each client.

Our services are tailored to guide you through this complex market with ease, ensuring that every decision is informed and every step is smooth. Whether you're buying, selling, or just exploring,

Olga's seasoned insight and personalized approach make her a beacon in the bustling real estate landscape. Let us transform your real estate experience from overwhelming to effortless.

Our Services 

Property Management 

Property Valuations 

Investment Planning 


Inbound transactions involve foreign taxpayers doing business or investing in the United States - usa_map_PNG19.png

We Offer Investments in Miami  

For foreign investors looking to invest in US real estate, it can be difficult to know where to start. That's where Grant Realty comes in. Our team of experts has built a network of professionals, including lawyers and financial advisors, to provide our clients with the support they need to maximize their investment.
            We offer services such as: 

                1. Asset protection;
                2. Pre-Immigration Tax Planning;
                3. Wealth transfer tax planning;
                4. FIRPTA withholding planning;
                5. Project valuation, and;
                6, Due diligence



Florida Areas we Serve 

Palm Beach County


Broward County

Miami-Dade County

Are you a Real Estate Investor ? 

With the Miami real estate market rapidly growing, there is no better time to invest in real estate. Our firm focuses on presenting opportunities to real estate investors from all over the world, and we have a deep understanding of this market. With a solid reputation and a commitment to excellence, Grant Realty is the perfect partner for your real estate investment needs.

Real Estate Investment Fund 

Long Term Holder


South Florida Newest Construction Projects 


Outbound Investments involve U.S. investors doing business or investing in foreign countries. - usa_map_PNG19.png

We Offer Investments in Dubai, UAE 

Grant Realty is your partner for real estate investment in Dubai. With our vast knowledge of the Dubai real estate market and our passion for delivering top-notch service, we aim to provide our clients with the best possible investment experience. Whether you are looking to invest in a single property or build a diverse real estate portfolio, our experienced team of agents is ready to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to start investing in the thriving Dubai real estate market.

Looking for something Special?  

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